Hi Friends!

What is the longest, most humdrum month of the year you ask? The one that is GONE I tell you!

BYE January. See ya never!

(Kidding, see you in 11 months)

Anyways. We are officially on a springtime countdown…a time when I can frolic among the birds, bees, and my human’s sneezes! Yippee!

Now I know February is ahead…but really, it’s a short and puny month. So I’m not worried. We shall persevere!

What about you other ravecats? Have you been longingly yearning for days spent lounging by the glass door? Sunlight warming your perfectly coiffed mane? ME TOO!

My human agrees with us, by the way.. I spend so much time outside when it’s warm that his NEON #litterart tends to stay intact longer! Ha!

Here comes the sun,