How are you? I hope good. As you all should know, my birthday is next week….the 9th to be exact. Since I am busy myself (you know with my naps and eating), I thought I would give you humans a head start on shopping for my gifts. As a loyal fan, I can only imagine you have big plans in the works…but after those peach argyle socks I received last year, I can’t be certain of your taste (you know who you are).

I’ve always found straightforward lingo to produce the best results. So, with no further adieu, I am including my birthday list (i.e. demands) below. Enjoy!

For Max

1. Gift certificate to beauty salon (tired of having to sharpen my own claws)

2. New blowdryer…current one gives too much frizz.

3. Tickets to see The Lion King on Broadway

4. Flavored catnip

5. Sterling silver water bowl…with initials.

6. New goose feathered bed

7. Fresh seafood delivery (for entire year)

8. Personal ice dispenser

9. 24 karat gold collar…with initials.

10. Ear plugs to block human babbling

Feel free to email me personally with any questions!

Love ya lots!