I’ve been trying to keep still and quiet not only because of the “sweater incident” but great goblets of fire it’s been hot! I don’t remember the last time I have experienced this kind of heat (well vaguely, I know it involved South Beach and a misguided attempt to sunbathe…ah, youthful indiscretions).

But, seriously…it’s an inferno. Boss Man has the A/C on full blast (which is better than nothing) but he still insists on coming in and of the front door MULTIPLE times a day. Does he know how much heat is entering the house EACH AND EVERY second the door is open? I mean really!! I tell you what, as hard as I try to work with the humans, I am beginning to believe it is a waste of time.

Anyways, I’m handling this situation as gracefully as possible. As I’m sure you can imagine, kitty yoga and kickboxing have been put on hold. With my long locks, it would be a heat stroke waiting to happen. Instead, I’ve taken to laying over the vent and napping 16-18 hours a day….wise cats need their rest, after all. However, as soon as the temperature cools, I plan on cutting that back to 14-16 hours a day…I should at pretend to be productive.

Hmmm…well folks, I guess that’s about it. Not a lot of news to report when it’s 90+ degrees….everyone is cooped up and keeping gossip to themselves (a shame, I know).

Stay hydrated!