Dear Readers…and Lionel Ritchie Fans,
I may have figured it out. As you know, that dreadful/incredibly exciting holiday is JUST around the corner and I have been scouring my brain for the appropriate
plan of action.

Step 1: Find a date.
Summary: Decided on asking Sasha, my fellow UltraPet spokesperson. I could lie and say it was entirely because of her award-winning personality and
grace…but we all know that luscious, silky fur had something to do with it. What can I say, I’m a hot-blooded mammal.

Step 2: Invite date out.
Summary: I have decided to send a singing group dressed like cupids to ask her out. This is where Lionel Ritchie comes into the picture.
Step 3: Obviously she starts crying and accepts.

Summary: The largest cupid hands her a heart shaped hanky.
Step 4: The Date.
Summary: She is wooed beyond belief and asks me to marry her.

Step 5: The Departure
Summary: I remind her of UltraPet’s “No Fraternization” policy.

Solid plan, right?