Hello Readers,

It is here, it is here! The most magical time of the year! The time when cats FINALLY receive (some) of the respect they deserve…Hallow’s Eve! I mean seriously, how glorious is it to see all the pictures/decorations of gorgeous kitties noir everywhere? So fantastic.

As for me, I’m currently working on costume ideas. In general, I’m not really the costume-­‐wearing type, but hey…this is different. I have planned an entire week of festive shenanigans and must dress to impress.

Options, thus far:

The Red Power Ranger (because he’s the boss) Scarface (because he’s the boss)
Chef Gordon Ramsey (because he’s the boss) Karl Lagerfeld (because he’s the boss)
Tony Danza (because he’s obviously the boss).

Thoughts??? Suggestions??? I’m all spooky ears!!

xo, Max