How’s it going? I hope you all are doing exceptionally well. As for me, I’m just dropping in for a quick chat!

While scouring the interwebs recently, I came across the blog “Honest Toddler.”
How many of you tech-savvy readers are familiar with this hilarious site? Oh my goodness, it had me rolling! Not gonna lie, the idea of a small being telling humans what it really thinks had me from the get-go. Which got me thinking…what if I could tell the humans in MY life exactly what I thought?! Oh how much more enlightened they would be! So, for starters, here it goes!

Honest Cat by Max

1. Your work uniform makes you look dorky, my fur only improves the drab look.

2. It’s true, I do pick the most inconvenient place to sleep. I like to watch you try to get around me.

3. I hate your nieces and nephews.

4. Your girlfriend smells like cheap perfume and ranch dressing.

5. I know it grosses you out when I bring rodents to the front door. That’s part of the fun.

and finally…

6. Nine times out of ten, my purrs are fake.

And scene!

Talk soon,