I know this is a few days late but with me having the sniffles I’ve had to refrain from exhausting myself….the 18 hours sleep turned into 22. I am back now and this is specifically for anyone that is even considering attending my future birthday parties:

1. Show up on time. I pay the house bouncer/chiweenie by the hour, mmk?

2. Say it don’t spray it. If I have to clean up ONE MORE BOWL of spilled milk…well, let’s just say, SOMEONE will be crying over it.

3. Close the door when you use the litter box. Also, one at a time please…we’re civilized in this home.

4. A dab’ll do ya when it comes to the ‘nip. Sharing is caring.

5. Don’t touch my TV. Or my music. Or anything in my room. I don’t need random claw marks on my stuff, understood?

6. Don’t invite your weird friends or relatives. They always end up breaking things.

7. Leave on time. No standing around “waiting for your ride”…we all know you’re just trying to stay over, fool.

Warm Regards!