Hi guys,

Max here…with yet another silly human story. Really, will they ever learn?

Picture this:

It’s 7am this past Saturday and the alarm goes off. As a thoughtful and loyal companion for Boss Man, I found it my duty to start pawing and waking him up. Granted, I knew it was Saturday…but you never know. Maybe he stayed out late the night before because he was doing some huge project that had to be delivered over the weekend? Maybe he slept in his work clothes to save time? Maybe making all of that food at 3am was meant to cut down on breakfast? I don’t know, there were lots of options.

Notably, Boss Man did not see things this way. He tossed the phone and yelled at me, the ULTRA CAT, to leave him the heck alone (in a few more words). How rude!! I heard him mumble something about Advil and then he turned over…so not cute.

Fast forward a few hours later and he groggily decides to feed me my breakfast. At noon.

I’m thinking of filing for emancipation.

That’s all.