Hello friends!

Today, whilst reading Machiavelli’s The Prince, I started thinking…what if cats ruled the world? Further, what if I Sir Maximus ruled the world?? Oh the glory!!!

To streamline my thoughts, I compiled a little list. Enjoy.

If Max The Ultra Cat Ruled The World

1. All dogs would be registered and assigned a feline life coach. Fetching would be the first thing to go.

2. All humans would be given curfews and a (zapping) tracking device for meal times. No more forgotten dinners for pets.

3. We would only use Monopoly money. Thrift shopping would be so much more fun.

4. Traveling in the cargo area would be banned. First class for animals only.

5. Shaving your pet would be punishable by death.

6. Pets would be allowed to sleep on every piece of furniture. With no exception.

7. Humans with pet allergies would be quarantined.

8. Seared tuna would be considered an appetizer, even with pizza.

9. Catnip would be used for medicinal purposes.

and finally…

10. I would finally wear a crown.

To be continued!