After my last post, I was inundated with fantastic suggestions for feline-friendly business plans. Who knew all you great, furry minds were out there waiting for a little bit of a push??

I did!!

That’s why I’m your self-elected President, clearly.

Anywho, I have complied a short list of the best ideas. If any strike your fancy, make sure to comment below. Also, small tweaks are welcome…with our paws together, we can really make a difference folks!

1. A self-operated caviar dispenser. One furry step and a cracker with a spackling of fish eggs appears.
2. A walk-in wash tank. Nothing too aggressive, just light brushes to get that fresh feeling. No sandpaper-tongues required.
3. A retractable nail detail. Painless and the ultimate sign of luxury. Just insert your paw and retrieve an art deco masterpiece. Gel polish available for an additional fee.
4. A laundry basket with an attached cat bed. It’s a simple plan really, the clothes come out and a small bed is flipped over—ready for warm vibes and a fresh linen scent.

There are more ideas that need to be fleshed out a bit, but we’re off to a grand start!

All the best