Hello Music Buffs & Friends,

I know I promised to give the reality talk a break, but dang, that Kanye is everywhere! I heard his latest runway show was a full production…with models sitting down and swaying from the heat!

Must’ve been all of that hot air…

But anyway! I digress! The point of this post is far more humorous, so here it goes.

Imagine if Kanye were a kitten…do you think much would change?

1. He would always make his presence known and expect his demands to be met immediately (no change).

2. He would spend hours grooming, with particular attention to the fur he was wearing (no change).

3. He would growl and hiss when angry, sometimes out of fear, sometimes because of a bad attitude (no change).

4. He wouldn’t feel the need to smile or be friendly to make others more comfortable (no change).

and lastly…

5. He would consider himself a genius and expect others to both agree and repeat this message regularly (definitely no change here).

There you have it, folks. Kanye West is a cat.

You heard it here first,

Now for Season Two….