It recently came to my realization that quite a few of you are awfully similar to my feline friends. Strangely so. After a brief perusal of my Twitter account @maxtheultracat, I was made startlingly aware that some of you MAY ACTUALLY BE CATS. Seriously!!! Just in human form!!

With that in mind, I’ve included a brief checklist for you to use to determine if, in fact, you are lucky enough to be a former cat…currently reincarnated in the two-legged form. Good luck, I’m rooting for you!
1. Do you like to sleep intermittently throughout the day?
2. Do you enjoy the taste of tuna out of the can?
3. Do you enjoy a pile of warm and clean laundry?
4. Do you detest the sound of the vacuum cleaner?
5. Do you enjoy alone time?
6. Do you also want to be caressed?
7. Do you hold the right to decide which of the above two actions should take place?
8. Have you ever scratched someone out of annoyance?
9. Have you ever chased something? Was it strangely rewarding?
10. Have you ever avoided a dog?
11. Does your hair get extra poofy when you’re stressed?

If you answered yes to more than six of the above questions, welcome to the kitty club!