Hey ya’ll,

The ancient Greeks really were on to something at the Temple of Apollo. You truly must have a strong sense of self if you plan on getting anywhere in this crazy world! Also, it’s fun to talk about yourself. Isn’t that the point of social media??

Anywho, to both soundly reflect on my soul and revisit my A+ elementary student days, see below. After reading (in awe), then I must urge you to make your own! Feel free to share below, a little confidence can go a long way!

M- Meets all expectations, without exception

A- Always up for a laugh or a treat

X- Xerox master in the UltraPet office (okay I had to stretch a little here)

I- Indifferent to unworthy opinions

M- Married to job as first feline CEO

U- Unusually good-looking

S- Serious about upward advancement, and tuna

Now, your turn! Be free and reveal yourself to the world!

(Metaphorically of course, no need to get too risqué! )

Peace and happiness,