As you guys know, I’m the proud spokescat for @UltraPet. When the opportunity first arose, I was a little bit hesitant—I mean isn’t one’s litter life a private matter? Are there no boundaries left in the world? After much thought and deliberation, I realized that nope…there aren’t. So why not?! After all…

Fact, people. All facts. Even regal cats like myself have to take a turn in the sandbox every now and then…which brings me to Ultra Pet. Holy Schmoley, does this stuff WORK!!! Our Ultra Micro Crystals are the most luxurious thing that has ever happened to me…inside or outside of the bathroom!! After a long day, the fine texture is so soft to the paw and the odor is nonexistent! Fancy stuff, ya’ll. Sometimes I switch it up with the Ultra Pearls too, super cool because it looks like you’re squatting on tiny diamonds (totally my style). With all the other stuff that comes in to the office, I’ve got to admit I’m a lucky cat (but don’t tell Boss Man I said that).

Pretty cool crew we’ve got here, folks.

Talk soon,