Max again…and I’m here to tell you a little bit about the good life.

As you all know, I reside in the Ultra Pet Presidential Palace. It’s a nice existence. Since my humans work in the animal biz, they tend to be a little more aware of my feline needs than your Average Joe…but let’s face it, they’re still humans. Simple things like don’t talk to me before 11 am still seem to escape their level of comprehension…

However, sometimes these dimwits really hit it out of the park. For instance, this weekend my dear, sweet, simple-minded human servants purchased NEW BLINDS. While I tend to be a curmudgeonly old fool, nothing makes me feel like a 1st lifer sprout than a set of new window dressings. They’re so white and shiny…and just begging for battle!! I absolutely cannot wait to get my paws on them.

Further, I know Boss Man is gonna have a fit when he sees the fruits of my labor.

Alas, no good need goes unpunished, such is life or so they say.

Talk soon,