would like to take a moment to acknowledge a breed that gets very little credit in today’s society: The Male Protectors of Cats [sometimes referred to as “owners,” but I find that term derogatory].

We all know the stereotype of the lonesome, single, female cat lady. She loves soft pretty things and will fill her home wall-to-wall with tabby cats and kitty memorabilia. She likely also enjoys anime or knitting. Or both.

The true unsung heroes are the dudes out there who have the privilege of living with my royal brethren! Sometimes these furry companions are left behind by angry ex-girlfriends, sometimes they are found and nurtured as orphans, and
other times homeboy just wanted to get a flipping cat. Good for him! We are less noisy, less work, and far more attractive then those barking buffoons people prance around with, then cheerily pick up their poop.

We are elegance and ferocity personified. Doubtful? Ask the testosterone-driven Ernest Hemingway.

In solidarity,