Dear Followers,

That’s it. I am tired of the attention humans receive from designers and retailers alike…meanwhile, us four-leggers get shark costumes and Christmas sweaters. Keep your jingle balls and give me Balmain, people!!

Now I know some (and I mean a very few) luxury designers cater to our species….but dang if it isn’t always the tacky logo stuff! I need a Giorgio Armani suit, thank you very much.

Which leads to my next thought, which in truth, is a business proposal. Can’t keep a good businesscat down!

MAX FASHION. Would you buy it?! I’m thinking full tweeds, silk ties, and the occasional pocket square. Where does a cat wear a pocket you ask? On our backs of course! Something between a pouch and a fanny pack…genius, no?

My first model would be Choupette of course, I don’t think Chanel or Karl Lagerfeld would mind.

Keep up with the changing trends, ya’ll!