Today was the day! We had my commercial shoot for Power to the People…and Pets! Now this is not my first rodeo in front of the camera, however it was just a teensy bit different than usual.

[Last time, I was in Hollywood with a guy in Bono glasses named Tristan shouting about angles and optimal lighting]

The client Taja acted as the director and served us tea beforehand. Then, she turned the lights down a little lower and asked me to participate in the class…which I did in fine form I might add. After a brief thirty-minute class, she
just asked me to whisper my name and the name of the studio in the peaceful dark.

Then we were allowed to go.  I think this spot is going to be very artistic, if you can’t tell already. Best thing yet, we were in and out under an hour!

Work smart, not hard.

Keep Hustling,