Hi Friends!

As a leading mind in all things feline, I feel like it’s “pert near” time I hold a proper press conference! Whaddya think???

It seems like these are happening all around us right now, but I have yet to see one from the furry perspective! I call bullhockey!

Maybe WE want to discuss climate change? Or animal rights? Heck…I would especially like to get in on the endangered species talk. Goodness knows where we’ll all be if the rainbow trout starts to disappear!

I will also illuminate the world on the importance of feline artistic and sensory exposure. This will clearly be a great segue into the importance of #litterart in a cat’s daily routine.

Then boom!! I’ll have my minions bring out small tester bags to everyone!

A little business, politics, and pleasure…can’t be the first time that’s happened!

See you at the podium!