My feline powers are on fleek! You would not believe how much stronger my senses have become recently…a daily commitment to refocusing my cat-like attention has really helped mold a truer Max! I have kicked my Starbucks habit
and have even started having tuna uncooked. Wow, what a change!

To really make sure I’m doing it right, I have kept one simple mantra close to my heart. If you’re in need of a rejuvenation session, please feel free to use yourself or to share. It is all below.

I am first and foremost a cat
I am powerful and strong as a CAT
I do not need to conform to human ways
I will lead through my own unique feline power
I will most of all, stop pretending that I enjoy showers.
I will enjoy the hunt and not lose sight of the glories nature has granted me.

In peace,