Dear Followers,

The stars are continuing to align, and I am here to lead you through holistic inspiration. It really is my goal to give all of you devotees a few anecdotes or phrases each week to keep you keepin’ on, if you know what I mean!

Quite often, I get asked about my quick ascent to wealth or my role as the first feline CEO…and each time I answer that money is NOT the answer. I mean it helps. It’s not the only answer though!

I find most peace by starting off the day with a quick photo session in my marble bathroom. When I step onto the heated floors, I really can focus on the important things in life. I know things can be difficult for us at times…scheduled meals, limited tree access, and the occasional noisy pigeon- such is life. However, with the phrase below, I hope you can direct yourselves into a place of inspiration and dedication to the feline center!

For Today:

Softness is ideal! There’s a reason your gorgeous mane is the first thing people witness…and that your claws are generally not on display. Just don’t forget they exist.

In harmony 🙂