Hello Friends,

This week has been particularly inspiring. Not only did I work on a huge corporate merger, but I also tracked down that blasted red laser once and for all. Would you believe it is actually possible? The one I found was fuzzy and kind of shaped like a Jolly Rancher, but I think it was just an older version. That’s why it was hiding underneath the couch.

Anyways, the point IS that our meditations and mantras are working! The wise and ever-inspiring Ultracat has delivered again! Have you guys seen any major results yet?

Happier? Thinner? Better dating life? Career advancement? Successful laser chases?

Really anything positive that happened this week should be accredited to all of our hard work.

For tomorrow:

Keep track of your accomplishments. Honor your brilliance. Bird feeders are filled one seed at a time—and they never fail to draw a crowd!

Just watch out for squirrels,