Dear Readers,

Ten days to go until Christmas…so I guess it’s time I start thinking of the (few) presents I would like to deliver this year. As you all know, I tend to keep my circle small when it comes to sincerity. With that said, there are a few creatures in my life that deserve something special this season! I listed my ideas below…

1. My human: He could use a new fuzzy blanket from Restoration Hardware. I’ll even keep it toasty when he’s at work.
2. My assistant: He’s a snarky little kitten, but still deserves a new planner for all my events next year. Maybe a little ‘nip too to take my edge off.
3. The UPS man: Anyone who delivers my NEON Litter regularly deserves a Starbucks gift card.
4. My favorite barista, Monica: A new embroidered apron for always bumping me up in the mobile order line.
5. The gardener: Thanks for “accidentally” leaving the gate open every now and then…he knows I like to cut loose when the weather is nice. I think this guy deserves a new pair of NEON branded sunglasses.

What do you think? Surprised at how thoughtful I can be? You know what they say about assumptions…

Stay festive out there,