Hello all,

As most of my American-based fans know, this week marked one of the most honored holidays in the USA. Memorial Day is first and foremost a time to remember our fallen countrymen and women—those who have given all to protect our everyday freedoms, In all sincerity, this Ultra Cat thanks you.

In addition, many members of this great land have taken it upon themselves to use Memorial Day as the official kickoff for summer. Basically, it’s a long weekend out of a southerner’s utopian doctrine…fried food, lake cruising, daytime parties, and no shoes necessary. Stuffy types need not apply.

Anywho, being the well-bred gentleman that I am, I decided to watch the shenanigans from afar. I’ve never quite taken to water and really, who knows what’s in those hot dogs. From a safe distance, these are the things I noticed:

1- Humans grill everything, even themselves #sundamage

2- Ketchup goes on everything.

3- When crafting tasty beverages, the best ingredients tend to be what’s in arm’s length.

4- The smaller the bikini, the louder the mouth.

and finally

5- If it’s not on Facebook, the fun didn’t happen.

To all my foreign friends, hope this helps you understand your friends across the pond!