Dear Readers,

In an effort to spice up the most dreaded of days, I have decided to really focus on sending out positive vibes this Monday-Wednesday. Most people like a Thursday, enjoy a Friday, love a Saturday, and cherish a Sunday…but Mon-Wed can be tough, dangit.

Not with your good friend, Max the UltraCat!

Today, for my Monday Muse, I have decided to recognize Cleopatra—the late and great Queen of the Nile. Goodness, now that was a leader and a country that really respected the power of a trusty cat. If only the US Cabinet could be so lucky!

What would be your first seedling of advice? For me, I would outlaw declawing. Level the playing field a little, if you know what I mean…

Anyways, back to Cleo. Lady really knew how to work a cat-eye, too. Can’t forget that impressive bit of talent…no easy feat, indeed!

Walk like an Egyptian,