Dear Readers,

Your dear friend Max is in a bit of a conundrum. I fear, despite all my household help and strict cleaning regimens, that I may have…a mouse.

No, not one of those cute little clothed creatures on the tele…a real live rodent. With this said, I find myself at a personal crossroads. Am I the fearsome predator that my ancestors desired to produce? Or am I merely a “domesticated” powder puff fearsome of the very thing I once desired to catch??? Can I possibly admit fear without losing all credibility??

Now I know some of you felines still have the urge to catch and display prizes such as this at your humans feet. Me? I prefer to catch a breeze while I curl up on the front porch swing.

What has come of me since I took on the corporate world?!

For now, I think I will just schedule business meetings out of town until my human discovers, and remedies, this nuisance. I can’t let him know that my ferocity is waffling.

But between us…there’s no way I’m getting near that thing!

Stay safe out there,