Dear Readers,

NEON Litter is starting to really amp up our outreach to you and yours. Can you believe we’re working on our own, litter-inspired, video?? The first of its kind!

If we’re going to have a “Your Cats Will Rave” theme…then darnit, we better show off some raving cats!! While the creative team is still working on the storyline, I have submitted a few ideas that I hope stick.

For your consideration, I’ve included a few of those brilliant ideas below—let me know what you think!

1. Two separate NEON rooms. One for #litterart and one for the call of nature. However, there will be a short scene where a party-goer mixes these up. Whoops!

2. Free bottles of Evian for cats on the dance floor. All cast members will be wearing glow necklaces and bracelets…coordinated with their litter of choice of course!

3. Free NEON wayfarer sunglasses for all attendees. Even production staff! This will allow the 99% to connect better with the gorgeous model on our packaging (me!).

4. A dance floor made of recycled tuna cans…why not right? Also, recycling is good.

Any other suggestions, friends? I’m all furry ears!

See you on the tele,