Here’s the thing about resolutions…if you’re perfect, what good do they do? My thoughts exactly. So, in order to join in on the fun, I’ve compiled a list of resolutions for the most imperfect person I know…my human. Or as I sometimes refer to him, “Boss Man.”

1. Stop being a tightwad and buy Max some Fancy Feast. He wants the crystal bowl, too.

2. Get rid of that beastly, yet curious, vacuum cleaner and embrace the fur.

3. Ban all children from the Presidential Palace.

4. Stop watching reality trash on television and let the cat make all entertainment choices.

5. Never refer to a sports team as “we” again…because, among other things, I don’t even know how to throw a ball.

and finally…

6. Take more business trips and leave Max at home with the credit card.

That about covers it for now…feel free to send my your human resolutions!!