Hi guys,

Max (somewhat) here…admittedly, I’m running at about 20%. My New Year’s festivities have stretched into the week and I am quickly realizing how it feels to be on your fourth or fifth life! Yowza. In response to our catrageous holiday celebrations, I have compiled a short list of why felines should not host/attend these types of shindigs. See below.

Top 5 Reasons Cats Shouldn’t Party

1. We do not share well with others. Don’t believe me? Put a shrimp platter down and see how many make it out alive.

2. We take too long in the bathroom. Particularly when the host has super soft Ultra Pet litter.

3. Late night clawing competitions. The furniture will never be the same.

4. Someone always ends up throwing a hissing fit. Bad hair-do included.

and lastly…

5. Some jerk always brings a laser…which obviously results in mass chaos.

Now I’m going back to bed.

Talk soon,