Dear Readers,

Another week on the road for this seasoned Ultracat, and boy, I have been putting my psychology degree to use (What? Didn’t think my type could pursue higher education?).

Airports really are the best for sociological research. Humans get all kinds of weepy, or shrieky, or panicky, or romannnntique, and sometimes…they turn into angry, angry elves. Don’t believe me? Ask the guy who just missed his connection by two minutes and can still see the plane on the tarmac. Awkwarddddd!

With that said, my favorite moments are the family reunions. Oh the tears! And the hugs! Knowing they complain about each other the majority of the year—but who cares! It’s a reunion, people.

What odd things have you witnessed in reconnecting humans? They don’t even sniff each other most of the time, just head straight into a full on body tackle.

Que interesante,
Professor Maximus, Department of Sociology