Dear Readers,

I know all of you look forward to the poems I post from time to time. Art is a lost commodity these days and it pleases me to add a little bit of metaphorical grace to your lives (whichever one you may be on, of course).

With no further ado, today I will give you a little nugget of wisdom to start your weekend off in style. Enjoy!

To be a cat

To be a cat

is to be an artist of the highest regard

To be a cat

is to be a nayser

a food fanatic

a wild one

a masterless creature

One who’s happiness is only a purr away

Would you like to partake

in this phenomenan

Maybe enter our world?

Bring caviar and we’ll talk

But no promises.

Just don’t forget the goods!

Thoughts? I was going for a mafia-type feel on this one.

Make me an offer,
Max Corleone