Wowza. It’s the week after Thanksgiving and I have yet to recover. How are all of you faring with the adjustment? Yea, I thought so.

Good heavens. You would think they would warn you about this holiday…maybe even advise us to purchase adjustable pet doors and collars? I can barely breathe OR escape out the door anymore!! Poor Boss Man, he has no idea that my lethargy is due to his delicious dinner and leftovers…after all, I had to be stealth in my nutritional acquisitions (can you believe he ONLY planned to serve me Fancy Feast?!). Thank goodness for football!! When the humans got really into the rudimentary sport, I just hopped up on the counter and feasted like a king.

Now I see why they’re all so fat. Never again, I say…never again.

Off to the kitty gym,

Ps: Note to self, if you follow the herd you’ll turn into a cow, too.