Time for the Get Down, Ravers!

The first day of the NEON Litter music video is underway and the entire NEON office is buzzing…and not just from the black lights!!

We have our full cast on stage, and there is a healthy mix of authentic techno buffs and sassy feline models (gotta add in a little professionalism). There’s a few contest winners in the mix too…hope they can handle the heat!

To my frustration, DJ CATSO will be the star of the show…but I’ve decided to let him have the spotlight. I’ll take the cash. Boom! #CEOprobs

Anyway, our first scene is on the recycled dance floor (my idea won out!). We have it polished to a pearlescent shine. Glow sticks are by every door and our lovely DJ has on sequins head to toe. Typical.

I’ll post photos from the shoot on Instagram, so make sure you follow me @neonlitter. You’re gonna want to be raving right alongside us!