Hello all,

My fashion show went off without a hitch and I am ready to par-tayyyyyyy!! I have all of my best cats here, and some of their more tolerable humans, and we are about to have a NEON Litter themed rave!! What?!? That’s right! These cats are about to let loose and reconnect to our hippie roots!

I have the black lights set up all over, tons of glow sticks, and the necessary soul-thumping techno tunes. It’s a party up in here, folks.

Now…the real question…is what should I wear?!? My new white latex one piece? Or my neon green zoot suit?? I am the grandmaster of this get down, so whatever I decide to wear has to be memorable!

Either way, I know I will look good and this will be a shindig for the ages. Every attendee will leave with a complimentary bag of NEON Litter. Their favorite color of course! We may even have an art table where the cool cats can practice their litter design skills…

See you there! If you’re lucky…