Hello folks,

In case you’re wondering, we have arrived. It is officially the 12th and final month of the year…with only a few tinsel-covered weeks separating us from 2014. Boy does that sound weird!

In honor of these chilly, yet festive, days I have compiled a list…behold:

Twelve Reasons You Should Like December

1. It’s not as cold as January. Bundle up and soak up the last few not-so-entirely-miserable-weeks before spring…believe me, you’re gonna need these memories later.

2. You can wear sequins and (faux) fur as much as you want…without the Pretty Woman comparisons.

3. College football is almost over…and with it, millions of annoying Facebook posts.

4. Gloves, mittens, hats are in order…and we all know accessories are the key to being a cool cat.

5. Snow days…which means humans are forced to stay home and pamper you 24/7.

6. PRESENTS!!!! You were thinking it, I just said it.

7. Long-lost relatives who are willing to play Jenga and Uno.

8. Skiing…if you’re into exercising for vacation whilst freezing off your unmentionables.

9. Hot cocoa…in a kitty cat mug, preferably.

10. Christmas trees…it allows you connect with your wild roots.

11. Holiday decorations…nice to look at and fun to break. My B.

12. PRESENTS!!!!! This one deserves another mention, am I right?!

Happy December, ya’ll!