Travel Cat

My trip was approved #ravecats!!!! How bow dah?!?!?

I am so excited to jet out late next week and take my sunbathing and science to an entirely new level!! Do cats even tan?? Should I shear my mane?? Hm…may need to hit up the interwebs for some more details I guess!

Either way, I could not be more excited. Granted…it is one heck of a flight.


I think twelve or thirteen hours in total?? Wowzer!! As a catman who is used to luxury, I am not quite sure I’ll handle it well if they put me in coach…or heavens forbid stuff me under a seat!!

I really had to squeeze this trip out of finance though, so beggars can’t be choosers I reckon. Maybe I’ll just bring a bucket of catnip and drift off to sweet kitty dreams. Either way…I’m going to Waikiki!!

#science #research #alsolounging #butresearchtoo #makingmoves

See you in the Pacific!