Dear Fans,

Things have really started to get interesting. As you know, the gossip mill was going strong about my recent date with Sasha (the other UltraPet spokescat).

Boy did I find a way to get even.

Not surprisingly, the little vixen kitten is quite vain. She spends copious amountsof her time bathing and gazing into her custom-made and cat-sized vanity.
Knowing this, I saw an opportunity that could not be relinquished.

Last night…when no one was in the office…I snuck in her dressing room and changed things around a bit. I soaked her boar-bristled brush in Nair. I switched
the lipstick for lip stain (good luck getting that off). Then, I mixed a little ink into her favorite perfume (should look nice on that snowy white fur).

Lastly, I left a maintenance notice on the door requesting a time to change the name on her dressing room. That one was the real doozy!

Don’t mess with the King,