Hello readers,

Writing to you from the brink of genius…hold on to your seat. As a spokescat, entrepreneur, and lifestyle advisor, it is not uncommon for me to think accelerated thoughts. Undoubtedly, I am an intellectual.

With that said, this time I’ve really outdone myself. Just wait for it.

As a feline, have you ever felt left out of the hotel experience? Perhaps you’ve even been SNUCK into a waiting suite? Or, heavens forbid, LEFT IN THE CAR?? While I wish we lived in a world where these cases were rare, I fear that is not the honest truth.

Have no fear! I’ve been developing an idea that will help heal all of these hateful memories—Kitty Cat Room Service!! Not only do you get your very OWN room, but you’ll also get multiple boxes to sleep in AND a luxury litter experience with Ultra Pet Litter Pearls! Hooray! The dog days are over!

I have a meeting with Hilton Hotels in the morning…and then a working lunch at the Ritz afterwards.

Let’s get this thing started!