Dear Santa Claws,

I have spent some precious time this week thinking of others; therefore, I think it is time that you think of me.

For Christmas this year, I have a few small requests–all listed below. Feel free to reach out via my blog if you need more specifics!

1. A cashmere climbing post. Preferably in a NEON hue (marketing).
2. A set of disco boots…these #catraves are getting tough on my paws!
3. A new collar with my name engraved in gold. Diamonds too, if you can swing it.
4. A new bed for my human. The one he has currently is set up too high (for me).
5. A lifetime supply of glow necklaces to go with my NEON litter.
6. A gift card for #Publix to stock up on tuna and fresh halibut.
7. A new sweater for when I’m feeling chilly. Brooks Brothers will do.
8. A new carrier for those pesky vet trips…I need something with sass (leopard, maybe?).
9. Treats. Lots of them.
10. Catnip. Lots of it.

Any questions? I’m a simple cat really!

Merry Christmas!