Rome was not won in a day. Nor was the UltraPet war on dieting, led by General Maximus the UltraCat.

I have spent days and days consulting with the other household pets (useless) to develop a sophisticated and multifaceted plan of attack. Our first insurgence against the transparent refrigerator door proved successful and, due to the late night discovery, Boss Man was forced to feed us leftover filet mignon from his dinner that evening.

However, because of our expansive staff, the blasted thing was restocked by lunch the next day.

Back to greens and garden mulch.

Now, to continue our (my) efforts, I have decided to go after the jugular. My human has always had a weakness for sea salt and dark chocolate covered almonds. Before his run each morning, he has recently taken to eating a handful of healthy trail mix (no m&ms, what the heck?). Imagine his surprise when a delicious and decadent spread of chocolate almonds has been added to his Ziplock baggie. My plan is to throw him off the wagon slowly, remind him of what
he’s missing.

Tomorrow, I may go ahead and “accidentally” order his favorite pizza to the house…who can turn away a nice hand-tossed slice, anyways?

Wish me luck!

The General