Cat Writing

Dear Readers,

As a devoted #ravecat and NEON evangelist, I have to say that our lifestyle does not always get enough poetic credit. Sure, the pulsating beats are great for working up a sweat…but there’s a melody to it all as well! Something soothing and relaxing right? Perhaps some call it a NEON trance?

To really highlight this underappreciated aspect of our most beloved activity…I’ve devised a short little poem for you all. I hope you enjoy!

Beats, beats thump so quick
Vibrate steady, don’t get tricked

Ravecats rock and ravecats roll
But peace it seems is in the stroll

The constant vibes and bright hues
Keep us centered and makes us muse

We live for the NEON in our soul
Energized and mesmerized, feline bold!

Stay bright out there!