Dear Readers,

As a wild and crazy guy, I love the spooky month of October. Nothing gets me going more than really scaring the you-­‐know-­‐what out of unsuspecting humans! It’s hilarious.

Now, in an effort to not repeat old tricks, I’m attempting to organize a list of ways to really make a mark this Halloween. Feel free to add to it and/or use in your own festive household!

1. Hide on the top of the door. Jump on human as he enters kitchen for late night snack.

2. Sleep under pillow. Come out screeching when he lays down for the night.

3. The ‘ol morning surprise in the shoe trick.

4. Pretend to be a Halloween yard decoration. Come out swinging when kids get close.

5. Howl in the closet during American Horror Stories. Keep moving so human cannot locate source.

Thoughts? Improvements ?
Feel free to share! Max