The seasons are changing and, as many of you understand, my allergies are back. As hard as I try to get 16 hours of rest a day, eat full and nutritious meals, and keep the physical exertion to a minimum, I STILL get hit with these seasonal sniffles. Urgh.

To make matters worse, Boss Man can’t seem to purchase the correct brand of tissue…always tryin’ to save a penny, that one. Really, it’s the least he could do since I can’t even SMELL my food. Is that not the most horrible part of being sick? I mean, what a way to kick a man while he’s down!

I’ve done quite a bit of research on Cat MD and it looks like my nose will start acting normal when my body acclimates to the fall temps….which is weird since I live my life at a cool 70 degrees. Whatever. Can’t argue with science, I guess.

Until I’m better though, you better bet your britches that the tele is ALL MINE. It’s a nonstop Friends marathon (that Phoebe!) and NatGeo over here. Sorry Boss Man, your Toddlers and Tiaras is gonna have to wait.

Sniffling still,