Hello readers,

I hope the holidays have treated you well…and that your pants still fit. That last part may be a bit ambitious, but I have always been known as an optimist (ha).

Anywho, as the New Year approaches and reflection becomes an obligatory activity, I wanted to touch base with my loyal fans (that’s you). What were your greatest feats and defeats? Did you remember to love your cat enough? I should hope so…if not, copious amounts of catnip always lessen the sting of human folly. Just a word to the wise.

As for me, 2013 has really been a year to remember. Not only have I given the world an insight to my admittedly brilliant mind via this blog/Twitter, I have also successfully worked on my inner peace. I now do kitty yoga (when I wake up in time) and meditate whenever Boss Man speaks to me (two birds, one stone you see).

If this year is any sign of things to come, I’m on board. Just don’t forget the tuna.

See ya in 2014,