Hello Fans,

Another week has begun and along with it, a new Max. I have been reflecting deeply on the state of my personal affairs,  and the meaning of life. Recently, while catching an episode of My Cat From H*** on the Animal Planet it all became clear…I, Max, don’t ever want to end up like those guys! I need a little zen in my life…starting now.

 So, how do I plan to accomplish this you ask? Admittedly, it will not be an easy road…but it is indeed a path I will travel. Since my soul has always been soothed by writing and bestowing my insights upon others, I think that the written word is my ticket out. Undoubtedly, this blog is the first step. Secondly, I have decided to become more active on my social media accounts. Did you hear about that guy who got a book deal AND a TV show out of tweets about his father?! Not that I’m interested in the fame…of course I’m not. My real goal will be to introduce troubled minds to “Maxisms.” Ideally, these quotes of wisdom will enlighten troubled minds and encourage persons of all social stations to rise to my level.

Frankly, this is something the world needs. The world is overrun with brainless celebrities…it’s about time someone of a higher caliber stepped up to the plate. It is my destiny.