I’m not sure if you guys heard, but the Southeast recently got hit with a brutal winter storm…all one inch of it. Now before you start snickering the night away, it’s important to realize that southern cities are not equipped mentally or logistically for ice and snow…I mean, most southerners have never even seen a snow plow in action. With that said, inclement weather is bound to bring about confusion. Hopefully the list below well help clear things up.

How To Tell If It’s Snowing In The South

1. The neighbor is using a CD case or spatula to scrape off ice before work.

2. The cool kid in school wears mittens at recess.

3. Anyone over the age of 24 is glued to the local news.

4. There isn’t a drop of milk left at the supermarket.

5. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is talking about it on Facebook.

Now folks, that’s a short list…but it should get you started! Feel free to send me more suggestions…the more the merrier!

Stay warm, ya’ll!