Hello Netflix Aficionados,

Have you taken the bait?! Have you watched the show Stranger Things on Netflix?! My goodness…talk about a simultaneous Goonies and Beetlejuice flashback! It is true 1980s gold…takes me right back to my first and second life.

My favorite character in the series is definitely a tie between Eleven and Dustin. Something about a young girl displaying incredible strength against the powers-that-be (and flipping vans) just spells awesome. Then, there’s the sci-fi loving and food-obsessed little dude who is destined to own cats one day. I couldn’t possibly choose between the two.

Who are your favorite characters? If it’s Winona, I have to say she does play crazy better than anyone. Life imitating art or the other way around? Hm.

Lastly, even this Ultracat got a little freaked when that monster came from the wall. Who else squealed like a Chihuahua and blamed it on the dog? I won’t judge!

Now for Season Two….

Try to get to sleep tonight!