Hello party people!

As you may or may not know, the time is near. What time you ask?

THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE, OF COURSE! March is FINALLY upon us and the weather is (considering) warming up for a change! With an exceptionally chilly winter behind us, one can only assume you guys are as ready for Spring Break as this Ultra Cat. First and foremost, let’s talk about destination.

Miami? Ft. Lauderdale? Cabo? I need answers. Personally, I’ve always enjoyed St. Bart’s or Antigua…but I realize this does tend to thin out the younger crowd. Honestly, after this winter, I’ll take a lower thread count for more energetic company. Also, there’s more of a chance I’ll end up on MTV (spokescat gold!).

With that said, my only rules are as follows: no crying no matter the hour, replenish what you finish, don’t wake me up before noon, and lastly…if your significant other isn’t fun, let them sulk at home.

Simple right? Thought so.

Now, are we off to Mexico or what?