My experience as a freewheeling kitty was vast and informative, as well as a little scary and out of my comfort zone. To offer a small summary, I created a few bullet points for this post. Hopefully it will depict my day out in fairness and
encourage you to read the article in full next month! Enjoy

1) Food is not a given, but tastes better when earned. Unless it’s day-old bread; no amount of effort makes that palatable to my delicate senses.
2) Friends can come from various places. Sometimes it pays to have a pal who knows their way around back alleyways.
3) Walking is fun. You get to show off your good looks far more prancing around the streets, rather than buzzing down the road in your noisy vehicle.
4) The more friends the better when temperatures drop. Also, the furrier the better. No furminators allowed.
5) Keep your claws and mind sharp.
6) Even stray cats have wifi and Instagram. Welcome to 2016, folks! #awesome

Earnestly yours,