Boy, has this been an odd week. As any of you who regularly read the tabloids know, I spend quite a bit of time in Nashville. I have a few great friends in Music City…and my publicist lives there, too. While I’m used to running into the occasional country singer when visiting, I was a little surprised to see the infamous T. Swift this past Monday…at PUBLIX no less. Turns out she’s a fan and a regular reader of my blog.

While chatting it up in the pet care aisle, we started to talk art and business. She fan-girled out and asked to pet my belly…can you believe it?! And THEN she asked her friend to take a photo of us…so strange.

Since I’m such a do-gooder, I agreed to all of the above (including a signed photo release form) IF she would use proceeds to help felines in need. Also, I would require that she join my entourage once a month…to sing ballads while I nap. The first song will be called “Taking My Love to [the] Max.”

Peace, Love, and Music,